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Rajinikanth's full speech at 2.0 trailer launch

"I am telling you today, take my words, 2.0 is going to be a super duper hit. My advance wishes to Shankar and Subashkaran. He invested 600 crores trusting no else but Shankar. Shankar is a great filmmaker, a showman, an Indian James Cameron and Steven Speilberg. 

A successful film needs a magic to work out, in this film that magic has worked. This is not an Indian film but for the international audience. The world is not for human beings is that message, this concept is told by Shankar is a very interesting way.

I heard that the promotion for this film is not up to the mark, this film doesn't need promotion but I am sure everybody will be promoting this picture after watching it.

I did not ask if we can make a big film like this to Shankar when he narrated the script. Because I know what he is capable of his. But hearing the budget, I asked who will be ready to produce it? Then when I was told it is Subashkaran then I didn't have any fear.

We started the film keeping a budget of 350 crores in mind but now it is around 600 crores but I am sure the film collect double of what we invested for it.

I wasn't feeling well when we started the film, I told Shankar, I will give back the advance and stop the film and you can work with some other director. But Shankar told me that I don't have to strain much and just do what I can do. 

After this Shankar is teaming up with Kamal Haasan for Indian 2, I am sure the film be a blockbuster hit.

Even we are coming a bit late, this film will surely hit. This film has already got the accolades of the people and it is already a hit and only the release is pending. With Enthiran Shankar took me to the Indian audience and with 2.0 he will take Indian film industry to the international market."