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Shankar's full speech at 2 point 0 trailer launch

Shankar's full speech at 2.0 trailer launch:

"When it comes to 2.0, you will watch Rajinikanth as Vaseegaran, Chitti, 2.0 and even giant Chitti. There are plenty of surprises in the film.

I am not sure from where I get all my visions. We named it 2.0 instead of saying it as Enthiran 2 because 2.0 is a universal film and title seems universal. The VFX and action in the film were very challenging.

Fifth force is a negative energy that even scientist do not have an answer too. I have a few small small ideas for 3.0, let's see if it will happen.

If there is no Lyca, there is no 2.0. Rajini sir is the biggest plus for this film when we started the film, he wasn't feeling well but he came to Delhi and worked in 40-degree hot sun just because he didn't want to make others wait. It is only because of this kind of dedication Rajinikanth is still the Superstar.

AR Rahman started the Background score for the movie 6 months back and he kept working on it again and again. Some of the BGM he worked in the film are more like a standalone song which we will be releasing very soon.