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Actress Shobana has now shared a piece of very important news regarding her social media handles. Apparently her actress states that her Facebook account has been hacked.

Rajini, Kamal's heroine's Facebook account hacked - police complaint lodged

In a statement through her Instagram page, Shobana shares: "Dear friends, someone has gained access to my official Facebook page and account. We are closely working with the Police department to sort the same. We will be active once we gain complete control" The actress has requested her Instafam to help her spread the word.

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To my Instagram followers!! It will be great if you can share the message Thanks shobana

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Shobana, is an Indian film actress and most importantly, a world-renowned bharatanatyam dancer. She acts predominantly in Malayalam language, in addition to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and English language films. She is also the proud recipient of two National Film Awards for her exquisite performance.

Shobana is the niece of the Travancore sisters – Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini, all of whom were classical Indian dancers and actresses. The actress Sukumari was her paternal aunt. Malayalam actress Ambika Sukumaran is her relative. Malayalam actors Vineeth is her cousin and Krishna is her nephew. She has an adopted daughter Ananthanarayani.

Shobana's recent video was a delightful surprise, where she demonstrated the way to dance your way through your daily work. Though the actress and her students make it seem so elegantly simple, it is not so - it is just a portrayal of "the life of the young artists of KRISHNA ( Kalarpana Research Institution of Shobana)".


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