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More than 42 people were dead in a series of bomb blasts in Colombo, Sri Lanka this morning (April 21). One of the venues to be bombed was Cinnamon Grand Hotel, which is located near the residence of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister. 

Radhika Sarathkumar tweets about bomb blast in Sri Lanka

Actress Radhika Sarathkumar was also staying at the same hotel, but checked out just in the nick of time to escape the blasts. She took to Twitter to inform people about this. She tweeted: "OMG bomb blasts in Sri Lanka, god be with all. I just left Colombo Cinnamongrand hotel and it has been bombed, can’t believe this shocking."

Soon, celebrities like producer Dhananjayan and actress Viji Chandrasekhar replied to express their relief. The bomb blast is said to have injured more than 500 people, although an official number is not out yet. 

These blasts took placee on the day of Easter, and two churches were also blasted in the attack. In addition to this, 3 high-end hotels in the country also reported blasts, but didn't divulge more details. Pictures of this sad event started circulating and the world is mourning the death of so many people. So far, no organisation have claimed responsibility for the devastation. Behindwoods stands with all the victims.