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Film on Captain Prabhakaran's son banned in Sri Lanka

A movie titled Saatchigal Sorgathil / Witness in heaven, based on Captain Prabhakaran's son Balachandran and journalist Isaipriya's death has been banned in Sri Lanka. The movie has been directed by Eezhan Elango. 

The director had clarified that this movie won't have any violent or torture scenes, or scenes related to the war. But, the film has extensively covered the lives of the people affected by the war, and has footages from a private news channel and that has made the movie a very emotional one. 

The Sri Lankan government has banned the release of this film because it has a few dialogues, scenes and a song that portrays the Sri Lankan government in bad light. The release of the film will cause several law and order problems across the country, was the reason the authorities gave for the ban.

Speaking about this, the director said "We are planning to make sure a lot of people around the world see this. Not just the Tamils, but people from other communities should also see the film and only then will they know the severity of the Eezham issue and the magnitude of violence and torture, the people of Eezham went through."

A worldwide release has been planned for the film.