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Producer K Suresh responds to actress Avantika Shetty's harassment allegations

Popular Kannada Actress Avantika Shetty recently posted on her social media page, that she was harassed by the director, lightman and a soundman during the shooting of her film Raju Kannada Medium. Also, she added that she was not paid her salary by the producer, even after completing the full shoot of the film.

Reacting to all those controversial comments made by Avantika, producer K Suresh has stated that her allegations are baseless. His statement reads, "Avantika is responsible for the delay of the movie. We were forced to go to Mumbai to meet her and ask for a clarification. It was also very difficult to get her to shoot because she was reluctant to get out of her caravan. As per her demand, we arranged her stay at Bengaluru’s Goldfinch Hotel. Yet she complained over trivial things like there were no sweets and dry fruits in her room. She was to attend shooting for 40 days but she was present only for 25 days."