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Popular singer and actress, Shweta Pandit who is married to Ivano Fucci, an Italian film producer, has been in Florence for the last six months. She has now taken to her social media and shared a video from Italy.

Popular singer Shweta Pandit stuck in Italy amidst Coronavirus Lockdown, shares video

The singer is in self isolation in her Italy home. In the video, she shared, she says, “You must have heard about Coronavirus that is creating havoc all across the world. Even India announced complete lockdown and that was essential. I want to tell you something that I saw. I am currently in Italy - the country that is worst affected by Coronavirus pandemic in the world. I have been locked inside my own home here.

This is such a disease that we can’t even understand how and when we got it. We won’t know if it is a normal flu or Coronavirus infection. By the time we go to our doctors, reach the hospitals, it is too late and we need ICU and oxygen supply. The person even dies in a few days. This is no joke; it is very dangerous. This is not a picnic or vacation. It is with great grief that I say that I have seen how grave the situation is. You must have also seen in news that around 8,000 lives were lost due to Coronavirus.

Every morning, I wake up to the sirens of ambulances. This is the truth. People have been calling me and asking after my well-being. It is because of prayers that I am safe, inside my house and healthy.

The virus is spreading across the world slowly. America, London and now it has reached India where it wants to stay. India is lucky that it reached there late. A lot of people have asked how it reached and spread in Italy. We don’t really know. By the time we began trying to understand, it had already spread its wings all across. I do not want the same to happen in India. Even I wanted to go back to India for Holi. I could have taken a flight and reached my family. I am all alone here, but I did not want to catch the virus or spread it via my body. You never know whether or not the person you met has the virus. And this was my decision, no government official told me.

I want all of you to fight the disease and defeat it. Stay at home, wash your hands. Even talk to your family members at a distance. Talk to friends on video calls. Listen to music, read something, take some rest. Be safe, Jai Hind.”

For the unversed, Shweta is popular amongst the Tamil audiences for songs from Billa 2, David, Pyaar Prema Kadhal amongst others. Check out the video shared by her, here -


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