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With the Lok Sabha 2019 elections around the corner and a lot of celebrities have made their political entry and voicing their support. Now as per the latest media reports, a team of independent and feature filmmakers organised by the name Artist Unite India have issued a statement with the title Save Democracy.

Over 100 filmmakers issue Public Appeal against BJP political party

In this, a large number of filmmakers, around 102 have come together to voice out their opinion about the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The list includes directors Vetrimaaran, Gopi Nainar, Aashiq Abu, Malini Jeevarathnam and many others. They have all issued a public appeal to cast BJP out of power by voting against them.

The joint statement by the filmmakers appeal to people to vote against BJP.

The initial part of the statement reads "An Appeal to the People of India. Our country is going through the most testing times ever. Though culturally vivid and geographically diverse, we have always stayed united. As a nation. It has indeed been a great feeling to be a citizen of this wonderful country. But all that is at stake now. Fascism threatens to strike us hard with all its might if we don't choose wisely in the coming Lok Sabha election. Period."

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This public issue of the filmmakers has now grabbed everyone’s attention.