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‘Oru Adaar Love’, one of the highly anticipated films after Priya Varrier’s wink became the nation’s talk, did not garner the expected numbers at the box office. The movie had a poor response among the fans and audience.

Oru Adaar Love director Omar Lulu blames Priya Varrier and Roshan for the film’s failure

Meanwhile, the film’s director Omar Lulu recently attended a Popular Malayalam talk show, along with one of the co-stars of the movie, Noorin Sheriff. During the show, Omar, who was upset by the film’s response, slammed the lead actors for the film’s failure.

He said that he changed the movie in order to accomodate more scenes for the famous actors, and they all have now spurned him. He also went on to add that the climax itself had to change because of the very poor response.

"When the shooting began, everyone was innocent – and that’s what I wanted. But suddenly some of them became famous. There came a rift between the actors. Priya and Roshan became very conscious. These kids who never asked the story of the film before suddenly began giving their opinions on the story,” said a really upset Omar.