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Nikki Galrani talks about Ko 2

Pretty Nikki Galrani will be seen as the lady lead in tomorrow’s release Ko2 co-starring Bobby Simhaa. The charming actress took time from her busy schedule to talk to behindwoods about her film.


Ko 2
It is not a sequel of Ko but it is a fresh script. It is around the same genre. It can be called as part 2 but not a sequel.


What made you agree to Ko2?
The script was absolutely amazing and anybody would blindly accept the same. I am so lucky to have gotten the script.


What is your role like?
I play a news reporter called Priya in the film.

What is the film all about?
In our daily life, there are many things that we don’t pay attention to, but they are big when seen with the larger scheme of things and are actually major issues in the society. A lot of awareness will be brought about once people watch this movie. It will strike a chord in their head and make them wonder and think.


To give an example, you buy 5 BP tablets costing Rs 9.52. You lose 48 paise here; in your milk packet, you lose 20 paise and also in petrol. Like this, one individual will lose 2-3 Rs in a day. Now multiply this with the entire population of India for a day. How many crores? Where is this money going? If this money is put to the betterment of people, India would not be called a developing nation but it already would have become a developed nation.


There is another thing called Swacha Bharath tax. Everybody pays this on the MRP which is 0.5%. Now 0.5% is not a big amount. But again, why do we pay this? We are paying this for the government to clear the dirt that we put. We litter all over and don’t bother to put them in the trash; the government has to do it.


Such things have been highlighted in this movie. Here we are not blaming the government or talking about any political parties. We are pointing fingers at ourselves. We have said that if we want the change, let us be the change. Our responsibility does not end with just voting and getting on with our lives. We cannot leave everything to the government.


It is releasing around the election time and is very topical. There is a lot more in the film, I have just talked a few basic things.


You talk Tamil well. Did you dub for yourself in Ko2?
I did not dub. My Tamil is decent. Colloquially I can manage. But if I am dubbing, I need to improve a lot.


Bobby Simhaa
If anybody wants to become fat, they can meet Bobby Simhaa. He eats and makes you eat. Me being a foodie myself, I am not complaining. But when people ask me how it was to work with Bobby (Ko 2 shoot), all that I remember is only eating. We used to do our scenes and come back and eat. Every day his mom will make some yummy food and send. And that’s it! Even now when I am meeting him for promotions, I hear him instructing people to get biriyani.


Other projects
I am a part of Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakkaran with Vishnu Vishal, Motta Siva Ketta Siva with Lawrence and Kadavul Irukkaan Kumaru with GV Prakash. I am also doing a Malayalam film Team 5 with cricketer Shreesanth.

We wish you the best Nikki!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar

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Nikki Galrani talks about Ko 2

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