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Recently, cinematographer turned actor Nataraja Subramani a.k.a Natty posted a series of tweets against his former director Anurag Kashyap. The duo have worked together in various films such as “Last Train to Mahakali”, “Paanch” and “Black Friday”.

Natty fires at Director Anurag Kashyap and calls him selfish

Natty, in his Tweets, called out Anurag as a selfish person. His Tweets read “Anurag kashyap was part writer of SATHYA.. than he came with paanch script with us.. isupported him with no money… Last train to mahakaali... i got nothing.. All work i did for him... he held all friends n every one away from his circles...Kind of work..  i did for him n Black friday..  every one worked too hard.. Yeh anurag forgets me n talks nonsense... ask others those who involved with him... he is nothing but fool Anuragkashyab.... fool remauns fool.. I spoke about one selfish..  and only about..  Anurag kashyab.. Am telling the truth..  no one wants to hear.. n listen.. what to do????” (sic)

Responding to his tweets and all the reports that surface online, Anurag Kashyap posted a long message clarifying the issue. His statement read “For the record , I want to state here that he is not just my friend but we grew together in cinema . When I did not know how to communicate my shot to my cameraman”

“He was my teacher, he showed me how to move a camera , he was my first collaborator . He shot “Last Train to Mahakali”, “Paanch” and “Black Friday”. We lived our Years of ban and obscurity together. It was @natty_nataraj who introduced me to Tamizh cinema.”

“So if he feels hurt by something and has an outburst , because of a certain expectation from me , he has every right and it’s between two friends . And he comes from a place of love and honesty.”

“And please hear him .. I just got off the phone with him and all he has been doing is trying to reach me.. so please leave him alone and treat this as my official statement on the matter. His hurt is genuine. I wasn’t there when he needed me and I didn’t know about it.

So let me say it very clearly - I am sorry Natty.” (sic)

It is a huge sigh of relief for all the fans as there’s no tiff between the 2 good friends. Natty too, later posted a Tweet that read “Thank you Anurag..  for the past media out here..  made me i was bad...”


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Natty fires at Director Anurag Kashyap and calls him selfish

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