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The members of Nadigar Sangam management met the press today (Nov 7th) in regards to the appointment of Special Officer PV Geetha to manage the affairs of the South India Film Artistes Association until election dispute cases are solved. During this press meet, Nassar, Karthi, Manobala, Sachu, Poochi Murugan, etc., met the media as the representatives from the Association.

Nadigar Sangam about Special Officer taking charge on Government orders

Initially, the Nadigar Sangam representatives clarified that every process during last year's Nadigar Sangam elections have been carried out strictly in accordance with the laws and every caution has been taken in order to avoid any faults that may have occurred in the past. And even though this year's elections faced many problems, they mentioned that everything has been dealt legally. And about the appointment of the special officer PV Geetha, they mentioned that it is their duty to cooperate with them and will do the same.

When asked if they accept the new decision to appoint a special officer, they mentioned that though they do not, since the officer has taken charge today, they consider it their duty to cooperate. They also slammed any rumors which were spread that this intervention of the government was due to actor Vishal's entry to politics. The Nadigar Sangam representatives mentioned that these are rumors and they are completely false.

When asked if they feel the government is against the SIFAA, they mentioned that they do not think so, and at the same time, they have remarked that they hope they will face all the issues legally and win against the odds. At the end of the press meet, Mr. Poochi Murugan mentioned that this issue is an act of democratic injustice and that it is up to the medias to question the same.

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