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The latest talk of the tinsel town is about Mysskin dropping Thupparivalan 2 and Vishal taking over as director. The first look of the movie was also released recently. Recently, Vishal released a press release, listing out the major reasons for this split.

Mysskin reveals the real truth about split with Vishal and dropping Thupparivalan 2

Vishal stated that the financial constraints that occurred in the middle of the shoot, were due to the unnecessary expenditure by the director, who then didn't take up the responsibility to either complete the film or be accountable for the loss. He submitted the demands of Mysskin, adding that no producer, be it budding or experienced, should face such a crisis.

Now Mysskin, in a press meet of a show that was released recently, mentioned that he will now reveal the real reason for dropping Thupparivalan 2. Mysskin mentioned he was always there for Vishal who he considered to be his brother, and even when the whole world was against him, he always stood by the actor. Also, since Thupparivalan (first part) became a success, he next wanted to make a pan-Indian film for the actor.

He revealed the story of the aforesaid movie to be based on the Kohinoor diamond, so that Vishal would be able to grab the attention of the whole country. He said that after listening to the story, Vishal was moved to tears and said he would produce this project himself. Mysskin remarked that he did not spend Rs 35 lakh to write the story as specified by Vishal, and only Rs 7.5 lakh, which can be verified by the media, the director challenged. 

Mysskin then talked about Putrur Amman Company in England, which had dealed with the finances of this film, and added that he himself was a producer/director, and he knew that a person who would spend Rs 35 lakh to write a story is not fit to be a director at all. He remarked that Vishal had spoken badly about his mother when asked for a raise from the earlier amount (Rs 3.5 crore) that he was paid for the first part of Thupparivalan. 

Mysskin asked how he could work after hearing such words. Also, he said that the only reason that Mysskin did not complain to the Producers or the Directors Council is that he had whole-heartedly considered Vishal as a brother all these years, and that is why he did not proceed with any complaint. He said now he will not keep calm here after, and will face whatever comes.

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