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Metro movie's television censor being refused

Metro is a film which faced a lot of hardships to pass the censors. The film talked about chain snatching and its underworld business, so as to spread awareness among common people, but the censor board issued the film, an 'A' certificate, stating that the core content of the film is violent.

The film, which released on the 24th of June, was critically acclaimed for its content and honest attempt. After five months of its theatrical release, early this morning (12th November), the film's director Ananda Krishnan expressed his disappointment about the film facing censor problems once again, but this time for television premiere.

His post in social media read, "In spite of appreciations from the audience, press, media, critics, IPS officers and even judicial representatives, now Metro's TV censor certificate is refused by the same officer who refused the movie for the theatrical release initially. In spite of 22 voluntary cuts, they say the theme is same. So Metro will not be telecasted in any channel until this issue gets resolved."

It is very saddening to see a film like Metro, not being censored for television premiere. Hope the censor board takes necessary measures to censor the film so that the film can reach to a much more wider audience.

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Metro movie's television censor being refused

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