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The man who invited world-famous boxer Mike Tyson to a fight, suddenly pulled out a gun and caused a stir in the United States.

Man challenge against to Mike Tyson for a Fight

Mike Tyson from the United States is a world-renowned boxer. His specialty is in knocking out opponents in heavyweight competitions and winning. This is why he has so many fans all over the world. So far, Mike Tyson has won 50 of 58 appearances, knocking out 44 of his opponents.

Man challenge against Mike Tyson for a Fight

Meanwhile, a comedy show was being filmed in Los Angeles yesterday. Mike Tyson was in attendance. It was during which the person who came to the show, invited Mike Tyson to come to the fight.

Following this, the security officers there tried to remove him from there. But he kept shouting.

Man challenge against Mike Tyson for a Fight

The man then called Mike Tyson to fight and the staff tried to evacuate him, but the man then pulled out a gun from his shirt and held it out. This shocked everyone there. But Mike Tyson kept his calm.

However, the authorities there tried to persuade him. As a result, the man realized his mistake, put the gun inside and apologized to Mike Tyson. He was then embraced by Mike Tyson.

Man challenge against Mike Tyson for a Fight

Following this, event organizers and security officials escorted the man out of there. He is said to have been handed over to the police. Mike Tyson is asking not to take any action against him. However, the police have registered a case against him and are investigating.


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Man challenge against to Mike Tyson for a Fight

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