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Malayalam actor Salim Kumar trolls Kerala government using Kattappa

Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali? This question has been going around ever since the release of Baahubali 1. Now, even after the worldwide release of Baahubali 2, many people are yet to know the mystery behind it. National Award winning actor Salim Kumar recently trolled the Kerala State Government by using this suspense.

Addressing a gathering, the actor said that he will explain the reason for Kattappa killing Baahubali. He then started telling a story, one in which Baahubali and Kattappa lose the battle, their soldiers die and their kingdom gets burned down. They are forced to flee into the forest where a depressed Kattappa says to Baahubali that we have nothing left in this world and there is no future. Baahubali replies "LDF will come and make everything alright". Hearing this Kattappa, filled with fury, kills him instantly.

"LDF will come and make everything alright", was the slogan raised by the front headed by the Communist party during elections. According to the actor, who is a UDF supporter, the government has only made everything worse since its formation. The crowd immediately burst into laughter after hearing the actor's funny story.

Malayalam actor Salim Kumar trolls Kerala government using Kattappa

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