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Magician Raman Sharma talks about Vijay and Mersal

We had reported the first set of interview of magician Raman Sharma who spoke about his experiences working with Vijay in Mersal. Here is the link.


Now, we bring you the second set of interview of magician Roshan Sharma. 


11. One word about Kajal Aggarwal, Satyaraj, Vadivelu, Samantha
Kajal Aggarwal is the most chilled out actress..she's so easy to talk to and is very kind. Satyaraj is very sweet and humble. Vadivel loves magic and is incredibly funny. Samantha Ruth is very nice and very approachable.


12. How was it to shoot with Vijay at crowded places?
He has a lot of fans, they love him, and he loves them back. It was so cool to see so many people smiling anytime he arrived. He always smiled and waved back


13. Since you are from Canada, tell us how famous is Vijay in Canada?
He has a huge following here as well. Lots of people like him here, both young and old groups.


14. Have you worked in any Indian films before?⁠⁠⁠⁠
Never...and I'm super proud to say this was my first one.


15. Director Atlee?
Yes..he's very cool. Very polite, and a great person to work with. He makes everyone comfortable on set.You can tell he loves what he does.


16. Is there a trick that Vijay sir personally wanted to perform it over and again?  Any one trick in particular which is his favorite?
I'm not sure which is his favorite. I just know he got each trick down with perfection in one or two takes. I used to show him my tricks every day, and he loved them
17. Can we see him doing some tricks with a coin? Cards ? Anything else if you can just give us a hint?
Yes, both of those. Keep in mind card and coin tricks are very difficult but Vijay has performed them to perfection


18. Magic and Mersal?
There are lots of tricks in Mersal. But my hope is many people in Tamil Nadu will take up magic


19. How much of VFX element is being used to show this magician tricks on screen?
Not's mostly self-learned. That's the most impressive part of the movie.

Magician Raman Sharma talks about Vijay and Mersal

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