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Magician Raman Sharma talks about Vijay and Mersal in an Exclusive interview

We bring you an exclusive interview with magician Raman Sharma who mentored Vijay with his magician tricks in Mersal. This is the first set of the interview that we are reporting. We will soon be reporting the second set of the interview from the magician. 


1. How was it working for Mersal?
Amazing! One of the best experiences of my career


2. How were you roped into this project?
The director Atlee saw one of my videos online. They found me from there. It was a death defying trick I had done, and he liked what he they got a hold of me through my Facebook account


3. We are aware that there are multiple magician mentors in the film. So how are you different from the other magicians who trained actor Vijay?
The other two magicians are amazing as well! I guess we all had different skills.Together we all came and worked together to train Vijay sir. I think we all did a good job and Vijay looks amazing in this movie.


4. How long can we see the magician Vijay on the big screen?
That I don't know for sure. But, I promise you, when you see Vijay performing his effects you will surely be dazzled.


5. Is there a trick in specific that you can share? That you feel will be the best on screen moment for fans?
There are so many to choose from... he is such a quick learner. What would take a magician weeks to learn.? Vijay learned in hours. He just made each trick so unique with his personality.


6. How is Vijay sir on the sets?
We play badminton in between the takes! He is amazing at it, and he won every single time I played with him.


7. Can you tell us some of the locations at which you shot for this magicians role?
Macedonia, Poland, and Chennai


8. Vijay is seen in rich costumes in one of the posters with the magician role... Tell us something about his attires for this particular character?
He has a very cool look. The stylist was fabulous. He just looks cool in everything he wears. He pulls it off with confidence I guess


9. Vijay is known for his actions and stunts... Is there a magic element in any of the action sequences?
Hmmm I can't reveal..but let's just say you will be pleased


10. Are there any other films that you are associated apart from Mersal?
Not directly. I am usually so busy myself with my shows. This film was an exception because the director and producer were so cool


Magician Raman Sharma talks about Vijay and Mersal in an Exclusive interview

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