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Aarav clarifies his marriage with Oviya to Harathi and Kajal

One of the highlights of today's (Aug 3oth) Bigg Boss episode was when both Harathi and Kajal taking on Aarav, with questions related to Oviya. They asked, What will be his reaction if Oviya waits for him when he leaves the Bigg Boss house?  Does he miss Oviya in the house?


Aarav, though initially kept avoiding to comment, later said " Oviya is a good friend, and Yes, I miss her in the house" For the other question, whether he will accept Oviya's love and marry her? He said " I can't comment about on it now, as there are many other factors. My parent's decisions are also important."


Kajal was quick to ask him immediately, What if your parents agree on you marrying Oviya? Aarav was seen uncomfortable by then and got up to leave the room to avoid further debate, but before leaving he said: "There is more time, and it will be decided later and doesn't want to comment anything now and he considers Oviya only as his good friend." But the most interesting part of the conversation was Aarav didn't say a strong no to any of their questions. 


Aarav clarifies his marriage with Oviya to Harathi and Kajal

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