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Madhan Karky on his song in Bogan recited by Arvind Swami

Bogan starring Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swami and Hansika, directed by Lakshman is gearing up for a year end release and the audio is also out.

Arvind Swami who plays a key role in the film tweeted, “#Bogan audio is out! Give me your feedback on the #KooduvittuKoodu song” and lyricist Madhan Karky who had penned this song tweeted, “Two decades ago in 1996 @thearvindswami recited my dad’s lines in #Iruvar & in 2016 my lines for #Bogan’s #Kooduvittukoodu :)”.

We caught up with Karky to find out about the details and here he goes, “Unnodu Naan Irundha Ovvoru Mani Thuli, the  poetry recitation in Iruvar in Arvind Swami’s voice remains my favorite and I hear it very often. His voice and the modulation linger in my mind always. When I heard that I would be penning lines to be recited by him in Bogan, I was quite excited.

He liked my lines and we also had a good round of discussions. Song portion and his recital portion would be different. His recitation would be on the lines of explaining about who Bogan is and what he is all about. There is not much of characterization about villains in our cinema, it would only be about the heroes, but this song would fill that void.  Arvind Swami has done an awesome job in reciting Koodu Vittu. He has a unique voice and there is a lot of depth and character which elevates the mood of the song.

Unnodu Naan Irundha was about love but Koodu Vittu Koodu is on the lines of lust. The lines begin as காதல் என்பது நேரச்செலவு, காமம் என்பதே உண்மைத் துறவு (kaadhal enbadhu nera chelavu, kaamam enbadhae unmai thuravu). The song portion is sung by Jyoti Nooran.

I have written another song Vaarai Vaarai in Bogan which is an erotic one. This song is sung by Shreya Ghosal and Shankar Mahadevan who have taken the track to a different level. The film has love and lust and I have been given the ‘lust’ department. I keep telling Imman that his tunes are bringing out the ‘bad’ boy from me. We had an awesome time recording. It is a tightrope walking writing such songs. I have tried my best.”


Interesting Madhan!

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Madhan Karky on his song in Bogan recited by Arvind Swami

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