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Jayam Ravi's Bogan trailer review

The trailer of Jayam Ravi’s upcoming film Bogan was out just now. It must be noted the earlier released teaser was a runaway hit garnering close to 5 million YouTube hits. Does the trailer set our expectation even higher? Does it entice you to watch the movie?

Bogan trailer starts pretty much like how the teaser of the film did and then it gradually gets a little more intense and more elaborate than the earlier released video extracts.

Imman’s music compliments the mood of the trailer. The visuals on the whole look glossy and go easy on the eyes. Major credit for that has to go to the cinematographer of the film, Soundar Rajan.

It is a relatively longer trailer which runs close to 2 minutes. It has many shots and also shows quite a lot of scenes but the beauty of the video is that it does not reveal the story one bit. Editor Antony is the main hero of this trailer. His cuts are just fabulous and to the point.

Arvind Swami’s swag and Jayam Ravi’s uber cool attitude are some of the eye-catching facets to look forward. Hansika is as bubbly as ever and she adds the glamour quotient to the movie.

On the whole, it is an intriguing trailer!

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Jayam Ravi's Bogan trailer review

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