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Lyricist Madhan Karky updates about 2point0’s music

Lyricist Madhan Karky engaged in a Twitter chat with his fans yesterday (14th April). Few interesting tidbits from this chat session are as follows:

1. Any update of Enthiran 2?
Ans: “
i’ve worked on two songs and both are unique situations. It was challenging and happy that the songs have turned out good.”

2. Your upcoming projects?
Ans: “#baahubali2 #2point0 #Spyder #Vanamagan and a few more.”

3. For which movie Haiku
Karky wrote lyrics?
Ans: “Haiku penned a line (opening line for a song) for Vanamagan.”

4. What inspires you to pen technology with Tamil?
Ans: “My education in science and my passion for language.”

Favourite lyricist other than your dad?
Ans: “Kannadasan and

6. What type of lyrics can we expect from Spyder?
Ans: “mass love tracks :)”

7. About Vanamagan songs?
Ans: “three out of the world melodies and songs that will stay with you forever.”

8. Your
favourite AR Rahman song?
Ans: “now
Nallai Allai.”

9. How is it to work in Mahesh Babu’s film?
Ans: “Always a pleasure to write for
super heroes. He is one for sure. Even in the movie :) we’ve worked on peppy romantic numbers”

10. How was working in 2 Point 0’s music?
Ans: “loads of fun :)”

11. One word about Suriya?
Ans: “is a terrific performer. Loved him in movies like Pidhamagan. Hoping to see him in such unique roles.”

12. A word about 2 Point 0 songs?
Ans: “Unique”

13. About Baahubali 2?
Ans: Baahubali 1 was a teaser for Baahubali 2.

14. How did Vijay react when he first heard Google Google song?
Ans: “His trademark smile. He said the lyrics are very different and he enjoyed singing it.”

15. One word about AR Rahman?
Ans: “He is the very reason I fell in love with songs. One of the naughtiest composers I have worked with.”

16. About Kamal Haasan?
Ans: “one of my fav lyric writers. he is awesome. sad that the actor has overshadowed the writer.”

Favourite Tamil actor?
Ans: “Vijay Sethupathy”

18. One word about Ajith Kumar?
Ans: “I’ve penned a full about him in Vedalam.”

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Lyricist Madhan Karky updates about 2point0’s music

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