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Leonardo DiCaprio's next film based on Billy Milligan

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a term which we became all too familiar after Shankar’s Anniyan starring Vikram, where the main protagonist Ambi has a total of three personalities, including his own.


Imagine Oscar winner and Hollywood favorite Leonardo DiCaprio playing the role of a person with Multiple Personality Disorder!!! Turns out DiCaprio has planned to produce and play the lead in a movie based on the story of a person with MPD.

What’s more interesting is that the role Leo is going to play is based on the story of a man named Billy Milligan who had not one or two  but a whopping 24 personalities within him!!


Billy, who died in December 2014, committed various crimes including rape and armed robbery and was arrested for the same.


In the course of preparing for his defense, psychologists diagnosed him with MPD and he became the first person to be acquitted from a major crime for this reason. Who better than Leo to play such a role!!?

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Leonardo DiCaprio's next film based on Billy Milligan

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