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Lakshmy Ramakrishnan talks about the Me Too movement

One of the most trending news online has been the #MeToo movement headed in Tamil Nadu by singer Chinmayi. Various celebrities have joined hands to extend their moral support towards Women for this issue.

One such is Lakshmy Ramakrishnan who has always been an advisor for socially responsible issues and constantly provides a hand out for help and encouragement. In a recent interview with Behindwoods, she has expressed her opinions about how the film industry is driven by male domination.

She stated that "If you honestly ask yourself if Women and Men in the film industry are treated equally, then it is an obvious no. There is something wrong with the foundation of it all and hence people are unable to treat Women equally. When a person in power wishes to give a chance to a  young budding model, it comes along with a bunch of strings attached.

Don't expect unprofessional favors from a woman. The industry is definitely male-dominated and that should soon change and we hope this can cause a change"