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Lakshmy Ramakrishnan talks about Solvathellam Unmai's controversy

It is a known fact that a strong allegation and controversy has been staged against Lakshmy Ramakrishnan's Solvathellam Unmai telecasted on Zee Tamil. Recently the show's closure was announced and anchor Lakshmy Ramakrishnan announced her exit from the show as well. With questions piled up about her exit and the nature of the show, various allegations are subjected towards Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. When our team from Behindwoods got in touch with her to note her official word about the issue she explicitly stated her opinions and the purpose of her decisions. Here is what she has to say about her exit. 

"First off, I already had plans to quit the show even before the ban. This is not because of anything related to the show. I wanted to focus on my directorial work and that's why I decided to step out of the show. I had already informed the channel that I will be leaving soon, but everything turned out to happen coincidentally. Which is why the audience misunderstood my actions. For now, I want to focus on making films. Various times due to my show commitments I had to put my films on hold and many times I have done that too. But, now I want to focus on my passion towards filmmaking.

The show was not designed by me, I took it up after 350 successful episodes. Every episode I did was with my 100% and with a lot of social responsibility. I respect the director for his brilliance in conducting the show but somewhere down the line, I could not get along with his ideologies.  When haters throw accusation on us I get a feeling that probably it is because of the person who started the show at the beginning.

After some time, the channel once again approached me in business and at that time to avoid confusion I clearly stated how I'm willing to conduct the show. The channel assured me once again and stood by it until now. Since then, I can guarantee that the show and the content were extremely legit. During my time in the show, I was extremely proud and felt a strong sense of belonging to my participants. They all are close to my heart and they will continue to inspire me no matter what. I felt so happy and now I feel very emotional when I think of all the amazing memories I have shared with each one of them.

I'm not trying to say everything was great. There have been participants who have backstabbed me, there were people who spoke badly about the show. We only support when we are convinced about their side of the story and take it forward, it's a huge responsibility.  At the same time, there were cases where the participants have supported me and stood by the show no matter what. I really appreciate them for their honesty and they are a true inspiration for me.

Currently, I have my film projects going on. There is a film with Ashok Selvan, Aishwarya Rajesh playing the leads that have confirmed offers for satellite rights from a channel. 
Further, there is a project titled, 'Blue Ink', that I am directing. At present, I am working on another script which is an inspiring love story. The first schedule is over and there are 3 more scheduled to go, it is a very challenging project and we will be announcing the title & official details tomorrow."