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KV Anand is an ace cinematographer and a blockbuster director. He last directed the 2019 movie ‘Kaappaan’ which starred Suriya as the lead, along with Mohanlal, Samuthirakani, Arya and Sayyeesha playing crucial roles.

KV Anand tweets to a possible prequel of Suriya’s 2009 film Ayan

There have been a lot of speculations on his next project and his latest tweet has given some hope to everyone, especially Suriya fans. On my personal Twitter handle, I had tweeted a random thought that occurred to me. What if the prequel of ‘Ayan’ is made, revolving around the story of Das and Velu (Deva’s dad), set in the 1980’s?

The tweet read “What if @anavenkat decides to do a Gangster story? Possibly, the prequel of Ayan - The life of Das and Velu. Ratham Therikka Therikka oru Gangster story.” All of us are aware that Das (played by Prabhu) was a famous Gangster before taking up smuggling as a business. Even in the movie, in a particular scene, Karunaas says “Enna inspector’u, pazhaya Das annana marandhutiya?” (“Hey Inspector, have you forgotten about the old Das?”)

Surprisingly, director KV Anand himself replied to the tweet with a ‘shush’ emoji. Well, this response from him has left a lot of fans excited as they would love to see the blockbuster combo unite for the 4th time, after ‘Ayan’, ‘Maattrraan’ and ‘Kaappaan’.

However, when we tried contacting KV Anand to get some more comments on this, he was not reachable. Seems like we will have to wait for a while to get any official update from him. Stay tuned.

Check out KV's reply here:

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