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The museum has presented a surprise gift to American model and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. This video is currently going viral on social media.

Kim Kardashian received Marilyn Monroe hair as gift

Met Gala is one of the most popular fashion shows in the United States. Movie stars, modeling professionals, and businessmen usually attend this festival. The festival aims to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Kim Kardashian, who came to the costume show, wore the dress of the famous Marilyn Monroe. This surprised everyone who came to the event.

Kim Kardashian received Marilyn Monroe hair as gift

In this case, Ripley's Believe it Or Not Museum in Florida, USA has sent a surprise gift to Kim Kardashian ahead of the Met Gala 2022 event. The museum also posted a video of Kim's reaction to opening the box on its official Instagram page.

The museum has sent the head hair of the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe in a box sent to Kim Kardashian. This video is currently spreading virally on social websites.

In the video, Kim happily says, "This is awesome. I'm going to sleep with it now."

Kim Kardashian received Marilyn Monroe hair as gift

The late Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe still has fans all over the world today. Monroe, who dominated the film industry to that extent, was a special guest at a fundraising event in 1962 attended by then US President John F. Kennedy. Wearing a heavy white overcoat, Monroe took off his overcoat on stage.

Monroe wore a unique dress emblazoned with special gemstones by hand on the inside. It was made by famous fashion designer Jean Lewis. The dress has been popular ever since.

At the event, which was attended by 15,000 people, Monroe stunned everyone by calling her "Happy Birthday President" ahead of Kennedy's birthday in the next 10 days. After his death, this dress was considered a priceless asset. Because of this, when Monroe's clothing came up for auction in 2016, there was fierce competition to buy it. The dress was eventually auctioned for $ 4.81 million (Rs 36.8 crore in Indian currency).

Kim Kardashian received Marilyn Monroe hair as gift

This is the dress that Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala Festival and stunned everyone. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian's shocking video of Marilyn Monroe's hair has gone viral on social media.


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