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Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu wishes Kanavu Variyam

Legendary lyricist 'Kaviperarasu' Vairamuthu has made a very humble gesture by praising and supporting director Arun Chidambaram and his Remi Award winning film, Kanavu Variyam. The film deals with the electricity deficits in the villages of Tamil Nadu.

Vairamuthu has immensely praised the team and Arun Chidambaram and has said,'' My loving brother, Arun Chidambaram has won 2 Remi awards and it makes me really happy as this is a worldwide recognition for Tamilians and he has made Tamils proud. I have known him as a young poet and dreamer and I had a strong belief that it would take him to greater heights and he has strengthened my convictions by making my belief true. The film reflects our culture, beliefs, dreams, our land, and its children and the Remi Award is not an easy award to win. I am proud of this award and I'm proud of the boy who grew up in front of my eyes. I commend Arun as 'Arivazhagan- Man of knowledge who is the proud son of Anazhagan- Man of Steel, Dr.A.Chidambaram. Tamilians must support this film.''

Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu wishes Kanavu Variyam

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