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Kanchipuram and Chengelpet theatre owners association's decisions

Theatre Owners Association of Kanchipuram and Chengelpet districts had an emergency meeting today (22nd May) which was attended by more than 150 theatre owners. Few important decisions were made during the meet which are as follows:


“Vishal had mentioned that the charges for online booking will be reduced from Rs 30 to Rs 10 per ticket. This is condemnable as he had not discussed this issue with theatre owners or distributors association. In future we are planning to release the film on percentage basis. We have also decided that we would not allow the system where in distributors buy the film at a high rate and ask us for MG”. 


In addition to these, the association decided they would insist on a GST number for all its members and that they would do business only with those who have GST numbers. They have also planned to put in a request to the government to permit them to change the theatre entrance fee, increase the maintenance fee and prevent local channels to screen the new releases.

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Kanchipuram and Chengelpet theatre owners association's decisions

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