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Kamal Haasan's digital statement on Tamil Nadu Ministers corruption

Kamal Haasan has been in the news for the past few days for his bold statement against Tamil Nadu government's corruption and a minister's response to him over this issue.

Kamal Haasan has now released an official statement through his Twitter handle, which reads, "This statement is not just for our welfare club members. Also for other cinema lovers, and all the voters of Tamil Nadu.

Even after repeated telecasts and articles from various media about ministers' corruption and the people expressing their anger over it, these ministers ask for proof, and I believe that is one unavoidable characteristic feature of a corrupt politician.

To my brother Jayakumar, who asks me to come to politics, and spine specialist brother H.Raja, I have already entered into politics. Knowingly or unknowingly, I have come into politics when I voiced my opinion against Hindi imposition. It is both funny and annoying when the minister says he would take action against me. When the citizens of Tamil Nadu know about the corruption of the government and the ministers, why should I show the proof? Why should I interfere in this?

This statement is for the minister who asked to submit the proofs of corruption. But to my people, don't write your queries and problems through cards or papers or letters. They'd tear it off and move away. This is digital era. Register every feedback and opinion of yours on the digital platform. Don't forget to do.

People would voice for any type of corruption. I'd tell about the corruptions that take place in my industry. To exempt from the Government's 30% entertainment tax (before GST), there is corruption that takes place to get a censor certificate. Except for a few people like me, all others are part of this staged corruption drama. This is my voice.

Now the voices of people will start to hear. That will happen soon, with clarity.

Send your digital statements, letters about any types of corruption in any field to, www.tn.gov.in/ministerslist"

Kamal Haasan's digital statement on Tamil Nadu Ministers corruption

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