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Actor Kamal Haasan took to Twitter to reveal that the Vallur Thermal Plant and North Chennai Thermal Plant are dumping ash waste into the river Kosasthalaiyar, also citing expert opinions that warn that north Chennai would get flooded during even normal rains.

Kamal Haasan's warnings and notes were as follows:

1. Heavy environmental impact due to the dumping of ash in the river Kosasthalaiyar.

2. Flood risk in north Chennai during normal rainfall. Rain forecast is more than normal rainfall, risking 10 lakh people residing in the area.

3. The government failed to respond when environmentalists took up the issue of dumping by the power plants, or when local people had also joined them.

4. Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum have built their facilities in the river.

5. He is hearing about attempts to encroach upon 1,000 acres near this area under the guise of expansion of Kamarajar Port in Ennore.

The actor has stated said a good government should find a permanent solution for the problems faced by the people.


Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Actor Kamal Haasan has been raising awareness of the threat surrounding the Ennore Creek region, where a flood is imminent if there occurs rainfall, due to dumping by factories.

In this situation, the legendary actor has just tweeted a thanks to Commissioner Sundaravalli: "தானே முன்வந்து விரைவில் ஆவன செய்ய வாக்குறுதி அளித்த ஆணையர் சுந்தரவல்லியார்க்கு எண்ணூர் பகுதி குப்பத்து குடும்பங்களோடு என் நன்றியும் சேரும்"

He has lauded the commissioner for coming forward on her own instance and guaranteeing that she will document [articles relevant to the issue].

Kamal Haasan warning north Chennai flood threat

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