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Kajal enacted Oviya's role in Bigg Boss task

Kajal enacted Oviya's role, and Bindhu Madhavi played Julie's role in one of the funniest tasks in Bigg Boss today (Sep 02nd). It was an excellent task, which must have been a good watch to the audiences too as every member enacted the highlights of the Bigg Boss show in the last two months.


Though Oviya was not part of the Bigg Boss when Kajal acted Oviya's role, her act received a good response from the other members of the family. But it also hurt Julie at few instances, and she stayed away from those tasks temporarily. End of the day, it's indeed an exciting task for the large audiences who follow the show. But did Oviya Army enjoy the task? comment your views below.

Kajal enacted Oviya's role in Bigg Boss task

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