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Kajal Agarwal talks about Kavalai Vendam

Kajal Agarwal is someone who juggles three industries- Tamil, Telugu and Hindi- with effortless ease. She will soon be seen in Deekay’s Kavalai Vendam. In an exclusive chat with behindwoods, Kajal discusses about the film, Jiiva and also shares some tips on heart-breaks.


What is that X factor that made you take up Kavalai Vendam?
It is just the script. It is a beautiful script with the right proportion of comedy and modern day romance that made me say YES to Kavalai Vendam.

It is said that, in your entire career, Kavalai Vendam is the first film for which you had given the longest number of days. Is it because it is a heroine centric subject?
It is not exactly heroine centric, but it has an equal weightage to both the hero and the heroine. I generally love the rom-com genre. I also like my character Divya in the film. It is a fantastic one and I totally relate to it.

How do you personally relate to Divya?
Divya is a very very strong headed, bold and independent girl but she is also confused at the same time which is like me. It was like playing myself on screen.

For the first time, you are paired with Jiiva. How’s it working with him?
Jiiva is a fun loving, friendly person with a very good sense of humor both on and off screen. I truly feel that the script of Kavalai Vendam is tailor made for him. We had a great time shooting for the film. We also share a good chemistry on screen. I look forward to working with him more and more.

How was it to work with Deekay?
He is a very focused, creative and a versatile director. He knows what he wants and knows how to extract work from people in the best possible way. He has a great sense of humor too. The best thing is he will make you slog without you even realizing it. He is too good with his comedy. He knows how to crack it with the audience. It was a wonderful experience working with him.

Which is your favorite scene in Kavalai Vendam?
I cannot think of one scene. I love the entire track. There are many scenes that I enjoyed. But if you insist on one scene, it would be the one in which I come back home. That is like a total laugh riot. When you see the movie you will realize it.

Kavalai Vendam is said to deal with love, relationships and heartbreaks. Tell some heartbreak tips to your fans.
I don’t know if there is a motto for heartbreaks. I am still trying to figure it out. I would like to say every relationship is a ‘work in progress’. Sometimes if things don’t work, for good or bad, you have to move on. It is just a passing phase in your life. It is not easy but eventually you will get over and come out of it. According to me, in any relationship, the person should not give up who they are. They should not let go off their priorities and choices.

How often do you use the term ‘don’t worry’ aka Kavalai Vendam in your life?
Anything that goes wrong, we either convince us or others and say ‘kavalai vendam’ or ‘don’t worry’, everything is going to be fine. It is widely used. It is very much apt for the movie. I also use it many a times.

What is the message you would like to tell your fans through Kavalai Vendam?
It is a complete package of entertainment which comprises of love, relationships, break-ups with the rib-tickling comedy, something that I am looking forward to and I am sure my fans also will look forward to.

How do you juggle three industries, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi?  What is your success mantra?
Tamil and Telugu industries are like home to me as I started my career here. I am happy working here. In Hindi, it’s been 6-7 years since I started. I love working there too. There is no success mantra. It is pure hard work and nothing else.


Wish you the best Kajal and Team Kavalai Vendam!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Kajal Agarwal talks about Kavalai Vendam

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