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Kabali villain Winston Chao on Rajinikanth, Chennai and Aishwarya Rai

We had reported that Taiwanese actor Winston Chao had come over to Chennai to dub his lines for the Rajinikanth starrer Kabali. Behindwoods caught up with the actor for a quick chat. He starts off with a ‘Vanakkam Chennai’ and continues.


This is my first time in Chennai. It is very hot. But I love Chennai, the seashore and the food here. Rajini sir is a very kind man and an excellent actor. He has been acting for almost 25 years. I have to learn so much from him. When I was working with him I realized that he acts in a subtle way. He is very adorable. I enjoyed working with him. I hope that I have some more opportunities to work with him again.


I have not watched any Tamil films before, but after Kabali I searched in the net and saw Robot. I enjoyed it every minute. I saw Kabali teaser and Rajini sir was fantastic. In such a short period, he shows many many faces. My favorite actors here are Rajini sir and Chitti’s girlfriend in Robot. She is so beautiful, cute and endearing”

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Kabali villain Winston Chao on Rajinikanth, Chennai and Aishwarya Rai

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