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A compilation of Samantha's Twitter chat session with her followers

Last evening (12th May), Samantha had a Twitter chat session with her followers. We bring some of her interactions


Out of all the movies you've acted which is the most memorable character you've done?
YMC (Ye Mayaa Chesave)

What's one quality that you want to change in yourself?
I can get moody


What’s your greatest fear?
Going back to where I started from


How do you describe your style?
Minimalistic and classy

Describe about yourself in one word.
One word difficult. One sentence maybe. 'I am coz I chose to be’


Do you still watch cartoons Mithra?
Love cartoons. But since nobody else wants to watch it, I settle for some cool animation films

Who is your biggest critic?


What’s the advantage of being Samantha?
Having an army of amazing fans


What are you most looking forward to doing during your break from acting?
Learning to cook


One thing which makes you happy when you are sad?


Blue or black?
Actually when I feel blue, I wear black


How do you select your films?
I’d like to think intelligently


What do you prefer most in your hard situation?
To be left alone


Which actress is your real competitor for you in film industry? Why is it so?
I like having competitions, they inspire me. And the names change often lol.

What is the best thing that God has given you?


Co-star you fear to dance with?
Junior NTR


Can you tell if someone is lying?
I make snap judgments, yes.


To tell small advice to Tamilnadu youngsters
All youngsters dream big and accept challenges

Describe in one word about Atlee
He issss one director I will work with without a shadow of a doubt

If Atlee approaches you for Theri 2, will you accept it?
Dobut aa

You regret any decisions that you made?
Yes, some decisions made in 2012


What’s the secret of your success?
No secret. HARD WORK.


The question that you hate to answer?
Who is your favorite co-star?


What is the question people ask that irritates you?
Tell me one incident from shooting spot. I don't know why that irritates me


Tell us one guilty pleasure of yours
I eat a lot of sweets when I am stressed and I allow myself to do so.


With one word, how would you describe your life right now, at this exact moment?
A page from a fairy tale


I was very excited to know what were you talking with Mahesh's daughter Sitara??
About her nail polish


Three things that you never dare to forget while traveling?!
My skin care regime, medication and good underwear


If you say yes to Malayalam ;) .. Then which actor you love to pair up with ??



Tell about one word our Ilayathalapathy Vijay
Therrrrrriiiii da

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A compilation of Samantha's Twitter chat session with her followers

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