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Janani Iyer talks about Adhe Kangal

Janani Iyer who impressed the audiences with her performance in films like Avan Ivan and Thegidi will be seen in Adhe Kangal directed by Rohin Venkatesan, an erstwhile assistant of director Vishnuvardhan. We catch up with the beautiful actress for her take on the film and her role.

Your role and the story?
I play Sadhana, a journalist who is very bold, independent and knows exactly what she wants. When she meets Varun, the blind chef played by Kalaiyarasan and also another character played by Sshivada, the ensuing events make up Adhe Kangal. It is a romantic thriller and the story revolves around romance.

What prompted you to take up this film?
The key characterization and the plot prompted me to take up this film. Even if one of the three characters is not there, there will not be any story. Everybody has a strong role in the film. The plot is very racy and I did not want to miss it.


Kalaiyarasan and Sshivada
I have seen Kalaiyarasan’s work in Madras and I was quite impressed. He is a friendly actor and it was really nice working with him. He was shooting for Kabali when we were doing Adhe Kangal and he used to tell us about his experience with the Superstar. Sshivada is one of the genuine friends in the industry and we have really gotten close.

Learning curve
Balasaravanan plays an important role. When Kalai and Balasaravanan get together, they become unmanageable. They keep cracking jokes and the moment the director says 'action', they are transformed individuals completely. I guess I need to learn this aspect from them.


Other projects
I am done with Thollaikaatchi and dubbing is going on. Ulta is ready for release. My portions in Balloon with Jai are yet to be shot. In Malayalam, I am waiting for the release of Ma Chu Ka.


Despite your looks and talent, we don’t see you much in Tamil. What is your take on this?
Thegidi was a hit and people appreciated my work. But after that, I was not happy with the roles that I got. I don’t want to sign movies just for the sake of it. I waited and Adhe Kangal happened. One good thing is Adhe Kangal will be a good follow-up of Thegidi for me. People will remember me for quality movies. And I am hopeful of getting good roles and films after this.


We are sure your dreams will come true. Best wishes Janani!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar