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The elections for the Nadigar Sangam will be happening on June 23 and the buzz around who will be competing against Vishal and his team is going high. There is now an exclusive update regarding the same.

Ishari K Ganesh contesting against Vishal in Nadigar Sangam election

Producer R.K.Suresh, in one of the recent promotional events for a film, talked about his concern towards the Nadigar Sangam election. He stated that he is very disappointed with Vishal and will not be supporting him in the upcoming election.

He also strongly denied the news about him competing in the elections. When we got into touch with him directly to know more about this, he shared with us some exclusive details. He said,” I am definitely not competing in the election but our team has decided that Ishari k Ganesh of Vels Film International will compete in the elections against Vishal and his team.”

He added,"Ishari K Ganesh played a significant role in the elections, the last time. Now, we have selected him to stand for us against Vishal with the belief that he will attend to the needs of the artists, producers and do the rightful deeds. He is the right person to compete in the elections against Vishal and his team.”

This is a very important clarification about Nadigar Sangam on the upcoming elections. This election of the Nadigar Sangam is much awaited as there were a lot of issues faced by the organization in recent times.