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Ilayaraja clarifies on the recent Bengaluru airport controversy

Recently the media have been abuzz with the news that Ilayaraja was asked to open up his bag containing prasadam at the Bengaluru airport by security officials. It was also said that he was asked to step aside and clarify.

Putting all the buzz to rest, Raja has released a video which states, “This is just a normal thing. It is common for security people to check. I don’t take these things seriously. I have crossed more torturous things than this in the past. They are just doing their job and if they don’t do this, India will not be the way it is now. They just asked me to open my bag containing the prasadam, that’s all!”


Now this puts to rest the varied assortment of information on this.

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Ilayaraja clarifies on the recent Bengaluru airport controversy

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