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Karthik Subbaraj says that he is not aware of the Red Card issue

A hot trending rumor saying that Karthik Subbaraj has been given red card from the Producer Council for portraying a producer in bad light, has shocked the film industry.

We at Behindwoods wanted to give a clear picture about the current situation and called up a couple of important office bearers from the Producer Council and also the man himself, Karthik Subbaraj. We got some exciting reports from them. Read further to know about their take on this issue.

Producer PL Thenappan:

“We are very dissatisfied with the way Karthik Subbaraj has shown the producer in the film. No such Red Card has been issued on Karthik Subbaraj thus far. We have not made any decision yet and in fact we have not informed Karthik Subbaraj regarding the issue."

Many films demean politicians, many demean policemen. Why are not those films being flagged and why only Iraivi?

“Iraivi looked to have been made to show one particular producer in bad light which we feel is very condemnable. In Fact, after CV Kumar watched the final cut, he had asked Karthik Subbaraj to remove those scenes but the director was adamant enough to not remove them. What would CV Kumar do? He has invested so much and he was forced to release it.”

Producer T Siva:

“No such decision to give a Red Card to Karthik Subbaraj was made in the Producer’s Council. Just because 4 people say, it does not become true.”

When we contacted Karthik Subbaraj regarding this, he was reluctant to comment on the issue stating that he wasn’t aware with the proceedings and he has not got any information from the Producer Council yet.

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Karthik Subbaraj says that he is not aware of the Red Card issue

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