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GV Prakash reacts strongly in Twitter to his adversaries

Social media is a double-edged sword and can have both positive and negative effects. For the celebs, on one side, they connect with their followers and understand them, on the other hand, there are also trollers who they will have to deal with.


It is a known fact that music composer turned actor GV Prakash is an admirer of Vijay and he has expressed it in many platforms. Looks like there was an altercation on this in Twitter recently and he took to the microblogger to say, “I didn't realise that people think we are in a fascist regime were well known person can express his opinions or likes”. “I am here for my profession & not to whine about who licks ones foot. I follow some one & that's my choice you can't whine on it either”


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GV Prakash reacts strongly in Twitter to his adversaries

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