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GK Cinemas Ruban talks about why they haven't made changes for tickets yet

After the state government had announced that the entertainment tax would be included with the cinema tickets apart from the existing GST rates, there was a lot of commotion and confusion among film-goers as to what the final decision would be. When we take a look at the online ticket booking websites, we can see that none of the theaters have increased the prices as of now, even though it was announced that the changes would go live from today.

Owing to this confusion, we contacted Ruban Mathivanan, the Managing Director of GK Cinemas, to find out what is cooking between the theater owners. When asked about it he said, "We haven't made any changes because the government order has been made, but we haven't received the copy of it yet. There is a meeting scheduled to be held tomorrow, and we will take decisions only after that."

We are hoping to expect a decision very soon on what the final ticket rates would be. Will tomorrow's meeting give us a few answers? Let us wait and see.

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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GK Cinemas Ruban talks about the new entertainment tax policy

Earlier in the day, we had reported the State Government of Tamil Nadu would levy 10% to 20% Entertainment tax on GST with effect from 27th September. For obvious reasons, this news would not go well with the exhibitors.

The last time when Entertainment tax was levied, the theatre owners went on a 4-day long strike. Will we experience a similar situation again? We are just 18 days away from the release of one of the biggest films of the year, Mersal. Will this tax issue affect Mersal in any way?

We got in touch with Ruban Mathivanan, Managing director of GK Cinemas to know more about this, "This problem doesn't start or end with Mersal; it is a very tricky situation for all theatre owners. Not just Mersal, even the films that are being screened right now have been acquired based on old tax calculations. So this new taxation policy will be a huge hit for theatres owners. It could even destroy the industry".

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