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Ghibran's Chennai 2 Singapore songs leaked online

Composer Ghibran as we all know has been on a drive from Chennai to Singapore through 6 different countries as part of the movie’s promotions. The team which had initially planned to release the songs one after the other as and when they reach a new country is now feeling completely shattered, according to a statement from Ghibran, since the songs have already been leaked online.

“We are heartbroken and are asking ourselves on what is the purpose of continuing on this drive. This piracy war cannot be fought. We managed to fight on when there were unforeseen situations during the drive. However, we do not know how to react to this. We have asked for the songs to be taken down on pirated sites to avoid piracy spreading further. We humbly request people to not download the songs from pirated sites and to support us”, stated the young composer.

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Ghibran's Chennai 2 Singapore songs leaked online

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