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Gayathri Raghuram tweets about the negative comments on her Twitter handle

After her eviction from the Bigg Boss house, choreographer, actress, and director Gayathri Raghuramm is back to her routine life with her family. She has been active on social media and has been posting her pictures often and updating about herself.

But recently, whatever she posts on a social forum is being received with negative comments. Following this, she took to her Twitter handle to express her feelings on the negative comments. She said, ''It's free world to talk (in front or back) share feelings write create meme criticism. Just enjoy. I don't advise I say what I feel. I will not delete any of ur negative comments. I removed my mask in front of u all and showed who I'm. Now u remove urs and see ur negative'', "Unfollow me. For those who get irritated by my tweets. Follow ur favourites and ur role models."

**The tweet is not spell-checked


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Dancer Sathish tweets about Bigg Boss episode on Friday

Yet another week of Bigg Boss flies through with 3 new entrants in the house. Choreographer Sathish keeps up his tradition of following the show closely and giving his opinions on the happenings of the show on his Twitter page. Here we have a compilation of his tweets below:

''Calcium is being calmn itseems she is really happy when raiza spoke bad about snehan calcium was enjoying it.spray pannbothu avalo sonnenga''

''Yappa Annabelle doll itself will get scared. Hollywood we have calcium in India. Mudinja give us a better horror film.''

''Raiza and calcium started to talk normally I remember raiza laughed at calcium when she said she will handle her issues''

''Raiza stop ur nonsense  nomination raiza and calcium where nasty ippo enna achu suddenly this buddy scene?''

''If u ask any question to ganesh he is very good at answering for 3000 pages. but the answer is jus yes or no .''

''Kajal entry and question session total flop. Hope for something better .''

**The Tweets are not spell-checked