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Mersal teaser poster breakdown

The 'mirattum' Mersal teaser poster was released a few minutes back. It is a very well designed poster that could satisfy majority of Vijay fans.

Finally, we get a clear picture of 'Kutty' Vijay. Nithya Menen looks ethnic, and we have already been introduced to this 80's Vijay through the first look poster.

Again coming to the million dollar question, is Mersal a two Vijay subject? If it has 3 Vijays as speculated, will one of Vijay's kids get separated at a young age? The other possible options would be that one of the Vijay is yet to be born when this photo was taken or the other Vijay might be in no relation to this family. Some also say that the magician Vijay acts like a doctor for some reason; in that case, Mersal would be a 2 hero subject with 3 makeovers for Vijay.

What is more striking with this poster is that we get to know the real characteristics of this father Vijay. If you notice the poster clearly, it is taken during a photo shoot and look who Vijay has his hands on? Yes, the bull. Who takes a bull for a photoshoot? He must be so much in love with the bull. In a way, we are made to think that he likes his roots and culture more than his family. We feel that is what depicts from this poster.

We hope you agree with our view!

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Photographer G Venket Ram talks about Mersal first look photoshoot with Vijay

The first look of Mersal was one of the best posters in the recent Vijay films. The poster was shot by G.Venket Ram and designed by Gopi Prassannaa.

Behindwoods got in touch with the photographer Venket Ram to know about the Mersal photoshoot experiences. He opened up about it by saying, "Atlee called me and told that we have to shoot the first look for Mersal. Since it is a Vijay sir movie, we had to do a lot of homework, because every time, it has to look different.

The first impression you get about a movie is through its first look, and only when that is impressive, that impact will lead them to the movie's release. It has to give you an idea of, how the film is going to be like. We discussed with the director, cinematographer, costume designer, poster designer, and only after fixing everything, we went for the shoot.

We shot almost 2000 clicks for Mersal first look. Then, we came down to the final two or three pictures, after selecting the right poses, at right angles, with right proportions.  With Vijay, it is always such a pleasure to work with him. He doesn't talk much, but when he is happy and knows the shot has come out well, there is a light smile on his face.

Though the shoot was only at 10 in the morning, Vijay would come at 8.30, put up the costumes, and be all set, much before time. He was tensed, Atlee was also tensed, everyone in the team was. It is the first picture that you're going to release from the film, and it has to be top notch. So, everyone had that tension and excitement. We shot the bull separately, and Vijay sir's pose separately, and merged it together. It feels glad that the poster has come out so well and being celebrated by fans."


Mersal teaser poster breakdown

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