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Fresh details about Bhavana's abduction case

Actor Dileep recently revealed that actress Bhavana was friends with her abductor (Pulsar Suni) and they had worked together in Goa. He said that we have to be more careful in choosing our friends, else such disasters might happen to us. He also said that director/actor Lal was the one who informed him about their friendship.

On the other hand, Lal refused to have said anything like that. He said that the actress is not friends with Pulsar Suni and that Dileep is now under tremendous stress.

Actor Salim Kumar had earlier said that he wants to bring Dileep for a lie detection test or brain mapping or narcotic analysis if the actress and the accused also undergo the same procedure. The newly formed Woman in Cinema Collective held a meeting and released a statement against such comments. The statement said that it is injustice and an unforgivable mistake to comment in ways which would indirectly bring the actress, who has successfully bounced back from the disaster, under suspicion.

Bhavana released a statement to the press which said that her silence is necessary for the ongoing investigation. But she is ready to take legal actions against anyone who unnecessarily names her connecting with this issue. She also mentioned that at present she does not have any proof against anyone but has full trust in the police department.

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Fresh details about Bhavana's abduction case

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