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Film industry celebs voice out opinions about Vishal's RK Nagar candidacy rejection

The film industry has not been silent about the twist and turns surrounding Vishal's nomination for candidacy in the RK Nagar by-election. Here are some of their tweets about the issue:

Producer Dhananjayan Govind tweeted: "I am totally shocked to know this anti-climax. I am sure this is just the beginning & @VishalKOfficial will bounce back bigger soon"

Actor S Ve Shekar tweeted: "என்ன நடக்கிறது என்பது தெரியவில்லை👉விஷால். இதுதான் நிஜ அரசியலின் முதல் பாடம். இடைத்தேர்தலில் கட்சியில்லாத சுயேட்சை வெற்றி சினிமா பாட்டுல மட்டுமே சாத்தியம் என்பதை உணர ஒரு வாய்ப்பு. தன் நிர்வாகத்தில்  உள்ள சினிமா அமைப்புக்களில் கொடுத்த வாக்குறுதைகளை நிறைவேற்றலாம்."

Actor Mohan Raman tweeted: "Extremely easy to verify. Just get the signature verified through forensics. So it can be proved if they actually signed or not......One Doubt....

How did the two people who retracted and said that their signature is not original even know that their signature was forged? Did the RO send a team to bring them for verification. How did they suddenly appear? Do we know who the other 8 are? @VishalKOfficial

Knowing the history of RK nagar anything is possible. I do not know how genuine the audio produced by @VishalKOfficial is but it certainly should have been considered seriously. Did the RO call them back and check if they freely came? Too many holes....

The names of those proposing is known only to the officials and the candidates. How did it leak out for the two individuals to know their name has been "falsely" used and rush to the RO to clarify. The fact they came should have created a doubt to the RO @VishalKOfficial

I do not support any candidate or party but believe we need a clean, transparent and fair election as that is the fundamental requirement for democracy. RK Nagar is a chapter that this time has started with a ? It ended with a ? last time around. Shame for TN."

Actor Seenu Ramasamy tweeted: "அரசியலிலே கலைஞர்கள் ஈடுபடுவதை வரவேற்பவன் நான்

திரு,விஷால் மற்றும் அவரது தோழர்களுக்கு இது நல்ல தொடக்கமாக வாழ்த்துக்கள். #RKnagarByElection"

Actor Sriya Reddy: "Disheartening to see what’s happening in our state !#istandwithvishal #iSupportVishal #RKNagarElection"

Actor Arvind Swami tweeted: "1. Logically,Getting 10 people to propose such a candidate for a nomination is not difficult.

2. Even If forged, and there seems no reason for that in this case, Those proposers being aware of the same and approaching the EC with an objection in 24 hrs, unlikely

Actor Kasthuri tweeted: "The way they were going at it... Surprising they didn't end up at 69 .

#RKNagar #ElectionCommission
Scrood and scrood up. #democrazy



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Vishal tweets to the President and Narendra Modi regarding the RK Nagar controversy

Being one of the most talked about issues in town right now, the rejection of Vishal's nomination is heating up. Vishal first took to Twitter to confirm that the fact that his nomination was dismissed is real and he expressed his disappointment.

Now Vishal takes the next step by escalating this issue to the Prime Minister and the President of India, through Twitter. He Tweeted, "To the people, I look upto, Hon @narendramodi & Hon @rashtrapatibhvn. I am Vishal,I hope u r aware of wats happening in the RK Nagar Election process in Chennai. My nomination was accepted & later rejected. Totally unfair. I bring this to your notice & I hope justice prevails."

Will this help solve the issues that are currently taking place or not? Let us wait to find out.

**The tweet is not spell-checked

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Film industry celebs voice out opinions about Vishal's RK Nagar candidacy rejection

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