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Water scarcity is the current urgent and crucial issue that is prevailing in our state. People have been facing this crisis for a very long time now. They have been forced to fetch water from distant places or else depend on other sources for water. Looks like not only Chennai is facing this issue, other places like Hyderabad also is struggling for water.

Due to the prevailing water crisis Samantha starts One Bucket Challenge

Popular actress, Samantha has taken to her social media and come up with a new and much-needed challenge for the society. Keeping the water crisis in her mind, she came up with a challenge named “One bucket challenge”.

Urging everyone to take up this challenge, she tweeted that this Saturday that is on July 21, the actress would post pictures of her water usage using only a bucket, and that there would be no long showers, washing vehicles or leaving the tap on while washing her face.

She wrote, “Who’s with me ? This Sunday.. One bucket challenge.. (with pictures) .. no long showers , no washing vehicles , no leaving the tap on while you wash your face ..... I will post a pic of my bright blue bucket as well (no cheating) #everydropcounts”