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Information about the release of the movie 'Bakasuran' starring Selvaraghavan has been released.

Draupathi fame Mohan G and Selvaraghavan's Bakasuran release update

Become rich as an actor

Selvaraghavan, a well-known director of Tamil cinema, made his acting debut in the film Saani Kaayidham directed by Arun Matheswaran. But before that, he starred in Beast movie that was released. Following his performance in these two films, he has been contracted to act in successive films. Meanwhile, Selvaraghavan has finished directing the movie Naane Varuven with Dhanush. The film stars Dhanush opposite Induja and Swedish actress Ellie Avram in the lead role. Selvaraghavan also played a major role in this film.

Draupathi Mohan G selvaraghavan pagaasooran release update

Draupadi Director's Bakasuran

In this situation, director Mohan G helmed Selvaraghavan. Director Mohan.G has directed films like Pazhaya Vannarapettai, Draupathi, Rudra Thandavam etc. His next film, directed by GM Film Corporation, is titled "Bakasuran".


Cinematographer and actor Natty plays the lead role along with Selvaraghavan in the film Bakasuran. The shooting of the film started last April with pooja at the Muthumalai Murugan Temple near Salem. Selvaraghavan and Natty co-stars in this film which has aroused great anticipation among the fans. Bakasuran is the character of a demon who appears in the Mahabharata. Having it as the title of the film has raised expectations.

Draupathi Mohan G selvaraghavan pagaasooran release update

Release ..

In this case, the information about the release of the film has been released. So far 70 per cent of the shooting of the film has been completed. Final shooting is set to begin next week. The crew has said that the film will be released in September. This news has created anticipation among the fans.

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Draupathi fame Mohan G and Selvaraghavan's Bakasuran release update

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