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Director Vetri Maaran on Visaaranai winning three awards

Like how a few years ago, Vetri Maaran’s Aadukalam brought laurels to Tamil film industry, Visaaranai has done an encore of sorts this year too. The film has bagged three National Awards- one for best Tamil film, one for Best Editor for late Kishore and one for Best Supporting Actor for Samuthirakani.

Vetri Maaran shares his thoughts on this delightful accomplishment

“We have got the award and are happy about it. As I had earlier stated, awards are not the yardstick for  the film’s quality. One set of jury might like the film, the other set might not.
That said, awards are certainly a source of encouragement. It will give you the strength to push yourself to the next level. But, when your target audience accepts the film, that makes the day for you. I am very happy about Visaaranai’s awards, especially for Kishore and Kani. I expected that for them because I knew how both of them had contributed to the film. But the most satisfying aspect for me about Visaaranai is the film’s commercial success in terms of debate and discussion surrounding the same and how it has become a public conversation material. These are the most important things for me from Visaaranai".

With this award, don’t you think there would now be a kind of anticipation that Vetri Maaran’s films are always award winners?

"A film maker just makes his films, but the expectations, the highs and the buzz built around the filmmaker and the film are done by the viewer and the media for which the filmmaker or the film are in no way responsible. I just make films in an honest manner. I don’t make any promises before the film. I want to satisfy myself first. While writing the script, I should be happy about the film; I should feel that I can spend two years of my life on that. Then I start working on it. Whatever happens with the film (awards), it could happen. We can’t judge them before".


Well said Vetri Maaran! Here are our congratulations and wishes that you contunue to bring in more laurels to Tamil films!

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Director Vetri Maaran on Visaaranai winning three awards

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