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Director Srinivasan talks about Vijay Antony's Annadurai

Vijay Antony, after tasting success with Pichaikkaaran and Saithan, is ready with his next film, Annadurai, which is all set to hit the screens on November 30.

Talking about the film, director Srinivasan says, "I am excited as well as nervous. This feel of mixed emotions is what I had waited for so many years.  I have not left any stone unturned in my tenure of learning the art of filmmaking.

I am proud to do this script as my first movie. I had worked with different directors to learn this art.  I learned ‘class’ from Vasantha Balan sir, ‘Impactful commercialism’ from Suseendran sir, ‘Humour’ from Boopathy Pandian sir and ‘How to deliver the product in time’ from Ezhil sir. I am thankful to each and every director.

For ‘Annadurai’s script I could not think of anyone else than Vijay Antony sir. His way of being subtle yet powerful is a characteristic feature that not many actors possess. His dedication and involvement for ‘Annadurai’ was simply outstanding. Not just as a lead actor and music director, even as an editor he has done a fabulous job.

The support cast and the whole technical team have given their absolute best and the results are very exciting. ‘Annadurai’ is a clean family entertainer which will be as powerful as the title. I am excited about our release on November 30th, the day I have been waiting for all my life."


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Karu Palaniappan takes a dig at Vijay Antony for supporting Anbu Chezhiyan

We had recently seen Vijay Antony extending his support to financier Anbu Chezhiyan, who is reportedly being accused of producer Ashok Kumar's suicide.

Now, director Karu.Palaniappan, has taken a dig at Vijay Antony's support, through his tweet. He tweeted, "விஜய் ஆண்டனி...உங்களுக்கு நல்லவராய் தோன்றுபவர், ஆறு மாதம் முன்னர் வரை சசிகுமாருக்கும் நல்லவர்தான்!
விஜய் ஆண்டனி,
நீங்கள் தொடர்ந்து வெற்றி பெற அதிர்ஷ்டமும்,
கடனை திருப்பிச்செலுத்தும் உறுதியும்,
அன்புச்செழியன் பற்றிய நிலைப்பாடும்,
பரம பிதா அருள் பாலிக்கட்டும்..!

This tweet is roughly translated as, "Vijay Antony, the person who seems good to you now, was a good human to Sasikumar also, six months before. I wish the almighty to bless you with continued successes, and the strength to pay back the debts, without changing your opinions about Anbu Chezhiyan."

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Director Srinivasan talks about Vijay Antony's Annadurai

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